Working towards a greener future

India generates more than approx. 50 million MT of e-waste annually and has potential to reach to 100 million MT by 2025.


We at GAUVINS GREEN really understand our growing responsibilities with the growing volumes. We are committed to provide dynamic modules to handle increasing volume of urban mines of natural resources out of waste electrical and electronic equipment (GAUVINS
GREEN Waste Management).


  • GAUVINS GREEN Waste Management Recycling facility encompasses end-to-end processing of e-waste. Our safe & secured GAUVINS GREEN Waste Management Recycling process ensures complete protection of environment with maximum recovery out of end-of-life electronic equipment.
  • Our state-of-the-art de-manufacturing line combines high-tech automation and manual processing methods to sort, dismantle and shred e-waste
  • Leveraging our indigenously developed technology for precious metal recovery, we extract valuable materials such as copper, aluminium, silver, and gold from complicated electronic scrap.

Can all e waste be upcycled?

Global statistics indicate that only about 20% of electronic waste disposed around the world is being recycled. This causes an unnecessary strain on the planet’s ecosystem, as precious metals and rare earths have to be mined on a consistent basis to meet the needs of the global populace. If the right processes and equipment are available, most of the materials in an electronic product or peripheral can be segregated and recovered for reuse.

Will recycling help my EPR commitments?

The E Waste Management Rules 2016 were formulated to ensure that manufacturers, importers and retailers of electronic products also took responsibility for end-of-life collection and recycling of used electronic products. The ultimate objective of this Extended Producer Responsibility is to reduce the burden on the planet’s resources and instead find a way to upcycle used electronic products into fresh materials and components.

How should e waste be recycled?

Opt for a specialized e waste recycling service that can take care of the process end to end. There are many aspects to responsible recycling, ranging from on-site data destruction, to pickup and transportation to the recycling facility, to meticulous segregation of recoverable, non-recoverable, hazardous and non-hazardous materials, to the specific recycling or disposal processes required for each of them. Organizations should also look for recycling services that can provide comprehensive documentation on the processes undertaken and materials recovered.