Reasons to Recycle Your E-Waste

5 Reasons to Recycle E-Waste For Homes and Businesses

At the domestic and business levels, the matter of electronic waste needs immediate attention. Electronic garbage, or e-waste, is the term used to describe discarded items that have a battery or plug—basically anything that is electronic, electrical, or battery-operated. E-waste includes items like cell phones, tablets, computers, watches, fitness bands, TVs, household appliances, etc. Every day, huge amounts of electronic waste are disposed of in landfills. Government organizations report that these piles are growing, which makes us reconsider the importance of e waste recycling.

E-waste is toxic

E-waste only makes up 2% of the volume of the trash in landfills, but it makes up 70% of all the toxic waste we produce. This is probably due to the components and the materials they are made of, whether plastics, heavy metals, or some other hazardous substance.

When lighting is dumped into a landfill, poisonous mercury (especially found in fluorescent tubes and lights) can leach into waterways. E waste recycling can keep a variety of hazardous pollutants out of the environment. E waste recyclers in Delhi NCR collect the mercury and process the substance to be used in items like dental amalgam. The same applies to batteries, which can include lead, mercury, and cadmium. For instance, when a lead-acid battery is recycled, the toxic lead and plastic parts are reused, and the sulfuric acid is neutralized to transform into sodium sulfate (it can be used in fertilizer and detergent manufacturing).

With e waste collection from home and commercial centers, You can improve your bottom line and be more environmentally responsible by responsibly recycling your items rather than throwing out your outdated devices.

E-waste has valuable reusable material

Electronic items are made from precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, as well as copper, aluminum, plastic, and glass. These materials are recoverable by e waste solutions. Nearly all electronic devices are recyclable. Landfilling these materials would be bad management.

There will be less demand for new raw materials as a result of recovering valuable materials from the reprocessing. Important natural resources can be preserved with e waste recycling. One metric tone of circuit boards, according to the EPA, contains 800 times as much gold as one metric tone of ore.

Saves energy

The energy saved by recycling one million computers is equal to the annual electrical consumption of more than 3,500 Indian households. It’s essential to reduce our overall energy usage because of the increasing volume of e-waste in the municipal trash stream, and recycling electronic waste helps to reduce the impact of the other waste that the population generates.

The increasing demand for electrical devices and appliances demands the mining and refining of a variety of metals and other nonrenewable resources like steel, aluminum, copper, and gold, as well as enormous amounts of plastic. The demand for new material reduces as more recycled material becomes accessible. These resources are given new life by e waste recyclers in Delhi NCR. Using recycled materials can also help in lowering greenhouse gas emissions generated when producing or processing “virgin material” or new items.


Profitable and underused

E-waste often ends up in scrapyards, mixed in with vehicles, outdated machines, and industrial scrap. Discarded electrical equipment can also be kept out of landfills if they are restored, reused, and donated to a noble cause. A simple Google search will give a list of e waste recyclers in Delhi NCR who refurbish used devices and give them to people in need. “Reuse” is a critical component in keeping materials out of the disposal chain.

Growth In Economy

A significant but lesser-known benefit of electronic waste solutions is economic growth, which will definitely increase with the increase of recycled materials. This is because managing e-waste involves multiple steps, each of which calls for a huge number of workers. The more jobs accessible in a country, the stronger the economy will be.

In addition to this financial gain, there will be less need for mining and deforestation projects. The nation will once again reap financial benefits from sufficient natural resource availability once deforestation and other intense actions are curbed.


Making e waste collection from home for recycling a habit is a daily sign of the impact daily consumer choices and actions have on the environment. It’s time for us to embrace thoughtful consumerism by thinking before spending and repairing/recycling before discarding instead of adding to the wasteful and inconsiderate throw-away culture.

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