Empowering Accessible Technology with Gauvins Green

Every discarded EEE is not E-Waste –Asset Management, an important stop over with the increasing consumption of gadgets with latest technologies, discarding rate of electronic equipment is also increasing rapidly but whatever discarded, need not necessarily be an end of life only.

There are chances that certain equipment and components still has useful life either without much of refurbishment or by repairing & upgrading and are good for redeployment at different consumer levels.

Gauvins Green prefers to salvage such equipment and components in the best interest of environment & ecology and remarket these items. It may not be out of place to mention that in spite of India’s dominance in technology sector, penetration level of computerization is still in single digit primarily because the cost of acquiring new electronic asset is not within the reach of every consumer.

Gauvins Green is of the view that refurbishment and remarketing should be promoted as much as possible thereby lower and middle income group can also have an access to electronic equipment and computer literacy ratio to the total population may be enhanced at an affordable costs.