E-waste Recycling Journey

The e-waste recycling journey is an essential process in today’s technologically advanced world. As one of the leading e-waste recyclers in Gurgaon, Gauvin’s Green plays a crucial role in managing the increasing volume of electronic waste. Between 2010 and 2019, e-waste generation increased by roughly 60 percent, and it is predicted to reach 75 million metric tons by 2030. To combat this, Gauvin’s Green offers a comprehensive solution for e-waste management.

Step One: Door-to-Door Collection

The journey begins at your doorstep. Gauvin’s Green provides a convenient door-to-door collection service, allowing businesses and consumers to recycle their electronics without leaving their homes or offices. Order a box, fill it with unwanted devices, seal it, and call for pickup. Your data is destroyed safely, and the devices are sustainably recycled with transparent tracking every step of the way.

Once collected, the e-waste is taken to the Gauvin’s Green recycling facility. Here, e-waste is sorted, dismantled, and shredded using a combination of high-tech automation and manual processing. Valuable materials such as copper, aluminum, silver, and gold are extracted from the scrap using indigenously developed technology for precious metal recovery. This ensures complete environmental protection with maximum recovery out of end-of-life electronic equipment.

Step Three: Environmental Protection

E-waste contains a mix of valuable materials and hazardous substances. Improper disposal can release harmful substances into the environment, causing soil and water pollution and posing risks to human health. Additionally, producing new electronic devices requires extracting raw materials, contributing to environmental degradation. Recycling e-waste reduces the demand for new raw materials, conserves natural resources, and prevents environmental pollution.

Contributing to a Greener Planet

Proper e-waste recycling has numerous positive environmental impacts. It prevents the release of hazardous materials into the environment, reduces the need for new raw materials, and conserves natural resources. By recycling e-waste, Gauvin’s Green contributes to a more sustainable future and helps shape a greener planet.


Managing the environmental impact of electronic waste is crucial. From convenient door-to-door collection to state-of-the-art recycling processes, Gauvin’s Green provides a comprehensive e-waste management solution. As one of the leading e-waste recyclers in Gurgaon, Gauvin’s Green is committed to providing dynamic modules to handle the increasing volume of urban mines of natural resources out of waste electrical and electronic equipment. By utilizing Gauvin’s Green services, you can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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