Ensuring Complete Security Of Your Data

Are you looking for a reliable and secure way to dispose of your old IT assets and destroy sensitive data?

Handing over of Data Devices like HDDs, Media tapes, Flash drives etc.is a major challenge for any organisation while going for disposal of IT equipment. These Data Devices are loaded with lots of confidential information of the company & its clients and
personal / secret information of the staff etc. and hence it becomes very important that before handing over such devices, all the data are completely sanitized / destroyed.

  • GAUVINS GREEN data destruction services helps clients get rid of this fear factor by availing GAUVINS GREEN World Class Services of data deletion / degaussing / destruction, as per clients’ needs and data security policies.
  • At GAUVINS GREEN, we have developed India’s first mobile shredding facility that enables 100% destruction of confidential data at the client premise (onsite). By shredding the data devices at the client site itself, we relieve clients of their concerns relating to data security and data leakage

What is the ideal process of data destruction?

100% data destruction must ensure both digital and physical destruction of data and storage devices. The system should be structured to prevent any data breach through the recycling process. Specialised data erasing software should be used to remove all traces of confidential data from storage devices that are being recycled. Storage media that is obsolete or contains sensitive data should be subjected to electromagnetic fields that render it unusable. Critical storage media should be physically shredded.

Is data destruction done on-site or off-site?

Both are possible, and depend on the data destruction requirements, the security concerns associated with the data, and your organization’s preferences. Established e waste management services such as Gauvin’s Green are equipped with portable shredders as well as state-of-the-art data destruction centers to take care of all types of requirements.

How do I know my data has been destroyed completely?

To rest assured that your data has been completely destroyed, opt for an e waste management solution that provides you with all the requisite documentation and proofs at the end of the data destruction process. Ideally, the service should also provide on-site data destruction so that critical storage media and devices are destroyed in your presence.